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Good Night Al Gordon, passing of Jack Benny Skit Writer

Al Gordon and Hal Goldman joined Jack Benny' s writing team in 1950. Jack Benny''s radio show was famously dependent upon his writers, and was quick to give them credit for making him look good. Despite Jack's supposed reputation as a cheap skate, his writers were also some of the best paid in Hollywood. It wasn't that Jack Benny couldn't be funny without a script, but he was much more comfortable performing with one. One well reported incident occurred when Jack stopped a rehearsal to call his writers around him. "Look," Jack told the writers, "I want to give Mel Blanc credit. I want a line for the tag of the show that says the part of the violin teacher was played by Mel Blanc." One of the four writers took Jack's script from him and wrote "The part of the violin teacher was played by Mel Blanc." Reading the new writing in the script, Jack said "This is great. This is exactly what I wanted to say. Gees, thanks guys.&qu

Good Night, Harry Morgan

Harry Morgan was best known and loved for his long time roll as Col. Henry Blake  Col. Sherman T. Potter on TV's M.A.S.H. Morgan's career started as a supporting character actor in films, including To The Shores of Tripoli (1942), The Ox-Bow Incident (1943), and High Noon (1952) , along with many others. Morgan was originally billed himself as Henry Morgan, and later as Henry "Harry" Morgan. Finally he took on the name Harry in order to avoid confusion with the popular radio humorist of the time . On the radio he hosted Peter Lorre 's Mystery in the Air during the 1947 season. He also made several appearances on This is Your FBI . On TV he found some success on early situation comedies before landing what would be considered his signature role and Sgt Joe Friday's partner, Bill Gannon, on TV's Dragnet . Morgan had been a guest early in the radio version of  Dragnet , only he played a jewel thief rather than a cop. Jack Webb had worked with