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Jack the Ripper in Old Time Radio: Suspense & Crime Classics

Some how, London of the late 1880s manages to become even more creepy coming to us from the speakers of our radio . This is the London of foggy nights and shady dealings and fast talking. The London where a bloke in the wrong part of town after dark could get his head thumped and his purse pinched quicker than you can say "Bob's your Uncle"! It is also the London that is terrorized by Jack The Ripper . The case of Jack The Ripper, also known as the Whitechapel Murders, is perhaps the most infamous of unsolved crimes. By the late 1800s modern police departments, including Scotland Yard, had adopted scientific investigation as an important part of their procedures. Despite this, there is very little that is definite about Jack the Ripper , including the number of his victims. The poverty of the Whitechapel district at the time made it a hotbed of crime, so there were murders that could have been the hidden work of the Ripper, while some which he is credited with sho

Dragnet and Crime Classics

At first glance these Detective Dramas seem to have little in common except that they both present crimes for the sake of entertainment. The tone of the shows is completely different. A large portion of Dragnet 's appeal is Sgt Friday's very business like, although not passionless, reporting of the fact of the case. Crime Classics ' "Connoisseur of Murder", Thomas Hyland, played by Lou Merrill, isn't as playful or flippant as Raymond from Inner Sanctum or Paul Frees' The Man in Black, but he does seem to be genuinely amused by the grisly tales he presents. Both programs use supposedly true stories.  Dragnet   famously uses the "only the names have been changed" approach; the stories on Crime Classics , while dramatized, are based on court records and historical reference, and the facts can all be checked by the listener if they so desire. Sgt Friday deals with all sort of crimes, from the spectacular such as murders, missing persons,