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Happy Birthday, Virginia Gregg!

March 6: Happy Birthday,  Virginia Gregg 100 Years ago in 1916, the reliable radio actress  Virginia Gregg  was born. While not particularly famous, she could be heard up and down the dial on series such as  Richard Diamond ,,  Sam Spade , and  Voyage of the Scarlet Queen .  A regular during Bob Bailey 's tenure on " Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar ".   Jack Webb used her so many times for his late Dragnet , she could almost be credited as "costar." Others might best remember her for her film and television roles: she was a hill person on the show  The Waltons , one of the "masks" in  The Twilight Zone  and the voice of "Mother" in  Psycho .    A marvelous voice, she appeared in the movie "Operation Petticoat," as the nurse that was a major and the one who used a girdle to solve a problem in the engine room.   Virginia Gregg You can hear her in a broadcast of  Frontier Gentleman  and hundreds of other recordings in

Dragnet and Crime Classics

At first glance these Detective Dramas seem to have little in common except that they both present crimes for the sake of entertainment. The tone of the shows is completely different. A large portion of Dragnet 's appeal is Sgt Friday's very business like, although not passionless, reporting of the fact of the case. Crime Classics ' "Connoisseur of Murder", Thomas Hyland, played by Lou Merrill, isn't as playful or flippant as Raymond from Inner Sanctum or Paul Frees' The Man in Black, but he does seem to be genuinely amused by the grisly tales he presents. Both programs use supposedly true stories.  Dragnet   famously uses the "only the names have been changed" approach; the stories on Crime Classics , while dramatized, are based on court records and historical reference, and the facts can all be checked by the listener if they so desire. Sgt Friday deals with all sort of crimes, from the spectacular such as murders, missing persons,

Good Night, Harry Morgan

Harry Morgan was best known and loved for his long time roll as Col. Henry Blake  Col. Sherman T. Potter on TV's M.A.S.H. Morgan's career started as a supporting character actor in films, including To The Shores of Tripoli (1942), The Ox-Bow Incident (1943), and High Noon (1952) , along with many others. Morgan was originally billed himself as Henry Morgan, and later as Henry "Harry" Morgan. Finally he took on the name Harry in order to avoid confusion with the popular radio humorist of the time . On the radio he hosted Peter Lorre 's Mystery in the Air during the 1947 season. He also made several appearances on This is Your FBI . On TV he found some success on early situation comedies before landing what would be considered his signature role and Sgt Joe Friday's partner, Bill Gannon, on TV's Dragnet . Morgan had been a guest early in the radio version of  Dragnet , only he played a jewel thief rather than a cop. Jack Webb had worked with