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Fort Laramie Old Time Radio Show

Instead of ending with a whimper, the Golden Age of Radio went out with a bang. Many of the best network and syndicated shows began in the 1950’s, even after the public interest and advertising dollars shifted to television. FORT LARAMIE   was certainly one of the finest shows on the air at the time. Were it, not for GUNSMOKE , it may have been deemed the best adult Western radio program ever to hit the airwaves. FORT LARAMIE  and GUNSMOKE are closely related. Both shows had many of the same staff members, including the producer-director, writers, sound effects men, and actors.  FORT LARAMIE  was brought to CBS by Norman Macdonnell almost four years after the beginning of his original hit program,  GUNSMOKE   Macdonnell’s newest show was noted for its attention to detail and gritty portrayal of the conditions in the developing west, qualities that also drew audiences to GUNSMOKE . Fort Laramie, Wyoming and Dodge City, Kansas were both real and significant locations in the expans