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Science Fiction from the Mutual Network, Pt 2

The science fiction radio series ,  Exploring Tomorrow   came to Mutual for a short run in 1957-58. The program, which was a summer replacement for  Gangbusters ,  was narrated by  Astounding  Magazine editor John W. Campbell. Favorite episodes include: Exploring Tomorrow :  The Adventure of the Beauty Queen , broadcast 6/25/1958.  Miss USA 1958 is awakened by a mysterious Voice, from the future! A Future scientist is exploring the nature of beauty, and has fallen in love with the Beauty Queen. Now he wants to bring her to the future, to stay with him. Exploring Tomorrow :  First Baby in Space (a.k.a. Space Baby),   by Randall Garrett, broadcast 6/15/1958.  A space station is damaged by a meteorite, for which it is prepared, but it isn't prepared for the expectant mother who is injured, or her baby which will need an incubator to survive. Incubator? There's no incubator on a space station...