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Omar Wizard of Persia Old Time Radio Show

One of the charms of investigating Old Time Radio shows is the element of mystery that often crops up. We aren't talking about Mystery Programs necessarily, (although they can be a lot of fun in their own right) but mysteries about the surviving shows them selves. Much of the mystery comes from the nature of surviving old radio show. In some cases, beloved shows are well preserved because some one directly involved with the program thought to hold onto recordings of the show. This si the reason that Fibber McGee and Molly has survived, the sponsor, Johnson Wax, made it a point to keep a recording of each show they sponsored. It needs to be remembered that for most of the radio era, audio recording was rather primitive. Shows that were put into syndication had to be recorded in a robust media, like a vinyl disk, but for the most part, if a recording was made, it would usually be made on a fragile acetate disk. Not only were they fragile, but they were relatively bulky, and wh