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Boston Blackie Old Time Radio Show

Detective drama  (1945-1950) Enemy to those who make him an enemy, friend to those who have no friend. Chester Morris plays  Boston Blackie , "a modern Robin Hood, a little on the gangster side, wise to all the tricks but always reversing to do a lot of good. Boston Blackie  is especially apt at slipping the rug out from under them and making the police look like foolish lollygags. Smart Boston always solves the  mysteries  before his arch nemesis, harebrained Police Inspector Faraday. Master sleuther and smooth talker, Boston can always slip in some time between crime scenes for his gal Mary Wesley (played by Lesley Woods). For more hard hitting detective action, don't forget to call on some of the most popular detectives:  Phillip Marlowe ,  Richard Diamond ,  Let George Do It ,  The Saint , and   The Falcon .