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Journey Into Space: Old Time Radio Shows

In the mid 1950's the Light Programme service had the idea that a Science Fiction series would be popular. The assignment was handed over to producer Charles Chilton. Chilton didn't have any background in science, or science fiction, but the general thought was that if he could produce a successful  western  from London ( Riders of the Range had six seasons, ending in 1953) he should be able to handle a trip to the moon! Originally scheduled for eight episodes,  Journey to the Moon  proved to be some what tedious listening through the first four episodes, as the "ground work" was established for a moon launch using the best guesses of the potential technology from a 1953 perspective. Once the mission "got off the ground", following the launch of the spacecraft in episode 5, the popularity soared as well, and the series was extended to 18 episodes (rerecorded the original series for overseas distribution in 1958, as  Operation Luna . This time the story