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Were Capt Lee Quince and TV's Perry Mason 'Light in the Loafers'?

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, if you were a success you could get away with almost anything. Drinking problem? The studio will send someone to clean up your mess. Does a studio executive take advantage of starlets on the casting couch? Well, a girl has to be willing to do what it takes to get ahead. Have a problem gambling? The mob holds a major stake in the studios, so if you are a big enough Star your debts will simply go away. It was not that Hollywood was above the law, but the studio system was just very good at presenting the best image at all times. The one thing that was unforgivable in the Golden Age of Hollywood was "sexual deviancy", especially for a man to be romantically involved with another man. There were rumors of lesbian "sewing circles" in and around the showbiz community; while not acceptable behavior, 'sewing circle friends' would not face the level of persecution heaped upon a homosexual male whose 'proclivities' we