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Himan Brown: Legendary Radio Producer

Legendary Producer/Director/Creator, Himan Brown's productions included audio works such as Inner Sanctum , The Thin Man , Radio Mystery Theater , Terry and the Pirates , Bulldog Drummond ,   Dick Tracy , Adventure Theater , Grand Central Station , and an endless list of daytime soap operas . Hyman Brown On accepting his American Broadcast Pioneer Award "If you stop to think about it you’ll have to admit that listening has become a lost art these days. Who really listens? Because, really, who has to? But, the basic appeal of radio drama was and is the fact that you have to listen if you want to follow the story. It isn’t enough to merely “hear” it.  You have to listen. The word listen implies a conscious effort to pay attention…to participate. All the senses are activated…the curiosity is sparked…the imagination is fired, and the listener finds himself participating! He is a collaborator. In his brain he matches a face and a body to the voice. In his mind