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Batman in Old Time Radio

The back-stories of popular Comic Book Heroes complicated enough to make TV and  Radio Soap Opera  Serials look like "Dick and Jane" stories. The comics provided a good deal of material for  mystery  radio  theater   producers and writers to work with during the  Golden Age of Radio . Just give a listen to  Little Orphan Annie ,  Superman ,  Terry and the Pirates , or  Blondie   to see what we mean. These shows are all well done and enjoyable, but they raise the question "What about  Batman ?" While  Superman   enjoyed a great deal of success on the radio,  Batman  remained a side-kick for  Superman , joining the series in Sept 1945 (years before the two heroes would pair in the comic pages) and sometimes taking over the story later in the series (to allow  Superman   star Bud Collyer some vacation time). Some have conjectured that the Batman/Superman tie-in was intended as promotion for a proposed Batman radio program that was under development in 1943,

Old Time Radio - Radio Theatre

It is quite difficult to say these days of wireless internet and cable TV what we have and did before technological advancements came over. What we did after preparing, eating, and putting away dinner; what we did after all house chores were finished... Well, at present, we rarely see family that eat dinner together, more so sit down and do stuff together. That wasn’t always the case, though. Because once, there was radio! Golden Age of Radio The so-called Golden Age of Radio had its beginnings way back during the First World War, when United States President Woodrow Wilson utilized radio to send message to the people of America. Then, the period is said to have come to its end on September 20, 1962, when radio programs Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and Suspense went on-air for the last time on CBS. There may be resurgence of interest in radio when the CBS Radio Mystery Theater aired in the 1970s, but this was not, in any way, comparable to the six decades of suspense, laughter, and d