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Passing Parade Elizabeth Woodcock Old Time Radio Show

The Wilson-Nesbitt Summer Program is an all-time family favorite. One of my favorite episodes is Elizabeth Woodcock . This was a story of a lady in Massachusetts who was buried in the snow for five days but woke up to tell the tale. From John Nesbitt ’s interesting narration, the audience learned that Ms. Woodcock went with her horse on a snowy day, thinking that the ride outdoors would be short and quick. However, before she reached her house, a blizzard overtook her and she became disoriented and was not able to find her way home fast enough. She fell asleep on the snow and eventually was covered with snow as well. During the entire five days before she was discovered, she woke up to several moments of wakefulness.  The storyteller’s captivating manner of relating the events enabled listeners to feel the cold of the snow during Ms. Woodcock’s ordeal and the warmth of relief at the end when Ms. Woodcock turned up alive. John Nesbitt did not stop at narrating the story, he