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Top 5 Ways to Hear Old Time Radio in the Car

What could be better than driving along on a fine spring afternoon enjoying a country road and listening to music on the radio? Unfortunately most of us have to drive the city freeways to work, and even satellite radio has the same problem as cable TV- more stations than we can count but nothing worth listening too! Fortunately there are thousands of MP3 CDs from available. You have probably enjoyed them over your computer speakers, but how can you enjoy them in the car? MANY NEW CARS ALREADY HAVE A MP3 CD PLAYER STEREO Check your car manual as many new car stereos (typically 2009+) are already "MP3 enabled" which should play the MP3 CDs . CAR STEREO AUXILLARY INPUT Many old time radio listeners’ car stereos have "axillary" input in their car stereo and can connect with a dual-minijack cable from an external MP3 player (such as an MP3 CD player, iPod or Smart Phone ) to play the radio shows through the car stereo. AM/FM TRANSMITTER Other old