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Mel Blanc and Paul Frees, Two thousand Voices

Technically, all of the players we hear on radio are voice actors. Except for the more frequent use of computer generated "synthetic speech", when ever we hear a voice without seeing and actor, the role has been filled by a voice actor. This will apply to radio players, animation, video games, amusement park rides, even the voice warning us to "mind the gap" as we step onto the subway. Professional voice actors are justifiably proud of their craft. This is especially true in traditional animation features, where the voice of the character was simply part of the character, and the voice actor's role remains in the background. A small degree of resentment against the current trend of bringing in A-list actors to voice the starring characters in major releases, is understandable. Certainly the added celebrity of using A-List players in Pixar and Dreamworks animated features can help to sell a feature film. One of the few voice actors to achieve celeb

Radio Vaudevillians at Christmas

Christmas seems to bring out the best in most of us, even when our best isn't that much to brag about! In 1936, Gracie Allen takes time out from her crush on Tony Martin to share with us a play she has written, Charles Dickens ' A Christmas Carol . George Burns is surprised, having thought that Charles Dickens had written it, but in the tradition of the Burns and Allen Show , he is corrected by his lovely bride. Of course for Gracie, we are haunted by the Ghosts Radio Past, Present and Future. These ghosts wind up being impressions of Eddie Cantor , Jack Benny , and Fred Allen to George's Scrooge, the Joke Miser, who steals everyone else's jokes! The real  Fred Allen  celebrates Christmas of 1937 with Portland Hoffa and the rest of the Town Hall Tonight crew, joined by his old Vaudeville pal, Jack Benny. This is a fun paring for Old Time Radio fans, taking place within a few months of the opening salvos of the famous Jack Benny, Fred Allen Feud . Be

Dennis Day, "Christmas For Carol": Christmas in Suspense!

Young Dennis Day was Jack Benny 's tenor from his radio premier in 1939 until the end of The Jack Benny Program on both Radio and Television. During the 1964-65 TV season, Jack kept delivering lines like "That crazy kid drives me nuts..." Baker was 47 at the time. Dennis Day  as a bright-eyed if somewhat scatter-brained young man was a hard type-cast to shake. Even Suspense! , which was known for casting comedians in horror , took advantage of the fresh-faced persona. In "Christmas for Carol",  Day  lays a young husband who is in a desperate situation. He learns that his wife will require bed rest and a nurse's care for the remainder of her pregnancy. He knows that his small salary from the bank won't cover it. He does learn that an older couple has withdrawn their life's savings that day, but how can that help him? Through some unsavory contacts he passes the information to a local hoodlum. Soon he is in over his head, and having a crisis