Great Women in Old Time Radio

Some of our favorite and most prominent women at the radio microphone as actors include:
  • Agnes Moorehead - the first lady of SUSPENSE!
  • Mercedes McCambridge
  • Lurene Tuttle 
  • Arlene Francis 
  • Mary Jane Higby 
  • Natalie Park 
  • Virginia Gregg
  • Anne Elstner 
  • Virginia Payne 
  • Mary Margaret McBride: The "Oprah" of her time with the largest radio audience 
  • Ora Nichols: The mother of sound effects. She founded the craft of radio sound effects, although it would eventually become a male-dominated portion of radio 
  • Peg Lynch: The best comedy writer in radio who also starred in her own shows 
  • (Mary) Kathleen Hite: The first woman writer on the CBS westerns who would go on to write nearly all of the "Ft. Laramie" scripts and later, many TV westerns 
  • Betty Mandeville: Directed "The FBI in Peace and War" thus becoming the first woman to direct a crime show in prime time 
  • Ruth Woodman: Creator and writer of "Death Valley Days" on radio and TV for over four decades, the longest western in broadcast history 
  • Bernardine Flynn, the voice of Sade Gook on "Vic and Sade" and a WMAQ news announcer
  • during World War II. She also filled in on many other shows. 
  • Miriam Wolfe (a stalwart on "Let's Pretend") 
  • Shirley Mitchell (Leila Ransom on "Gildersleeve" and Alice Darling on "Fibber McGee") 
  • Janet Waldo 
  • Bea Benaderet 
  • Mary Jane Croft 
  • Cathy Lewis
  • Edith Mesider is the actress-producer-director-scriptwriter who first brought Sherlock Holmes to the airwaves 
  • June Foray - In June 2012 Foray became the oldest person ever awarded an Emmy Award ... at age 95! 
  • Janet Waldo 
  • Lucille Ball
  • Eve Arden
  • Gracie Allen


  1. Do you know anything about the ladies who provided the female voices for "The Cisco Kid?" I've often thought the older-sounding one was a wonderful voice actress, especially as the voice of Mrs. Jones in the several Morbid Jones shows--a very distinctive rough, coarse voice - I always wondered if her voice matched her appearance in any way.

  2. Betty Lou Gerson should be on this list. She was awesome on The Whistler.

  3. By by all means Betty Lou Gerson should be on the list that's the name I was looking for

  4. I think Virginia Gregg number one and Betty Lou Gerson where the top two most versatile voices of old time radio


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