Gumshoe Christmas: Old Time Radio Detectives just in time for Christmas

Is Santa Claus a Suspect? 
Are your Christmas Cookies Safe? 
Listen to the Gumshoe Christmas and find out!

Detective Christmas Collection/Gumshoe Christmas Collection - Crime never takes a hoilday and neither do our favorite old time radio detective.

Crime never takes a holiday, and neither do our favorite ols time radio Radio Detectives. That doesn't mean they won't find time for some holiday cheer in between the bullets and bad guys.

On The Falcon, a stolen fur coat is a Christmas present that leads to murder. What? No murder? Boston Blackie breaks up a jewelry store robbery, and almost gets in too deep himself, much to the delight of Inspector Farraday.

Casey, Crime Photographer and ace reporter Ann Miller are Xmas shopping and see what appears to be a crime, but it is a frame up that could end them! The next year they cover a mysterious benefactor who gives out Christmas money on Bum Blvd. The events begin to melt even Casey's tough newspaper heart...
Three and a half from Dragnet; A small town girl who has come to the big city goes missing, can Sgt Friday find her for her mother before Christmas? Next we hear one of radio drama's most depressing Christmas stories as we learn about the dangers of buying a rifle for a Christmas present, but then we are rewarded with one of the sweetest radio Christmas stories when the baby Jesus disappears from the Mission nativity scene. Finally we get a relief from Sgt Friday's seriousness with a parody where the LA police department proves the existence of Santa Claus.

The great Sherlock Holmes brings us his version of Christmas cheer in the Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle when a Christmas goose has interesting stuffing, a rare and valuable blue gemstone! In another episode, Dr Watson plans a Christmas Party for their housekeeper's children, but the surprisingly rich presents are part of a crime, and in yet another the Christmas Bride becomes a mystery with a happier ending.

On Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, the man with the action-packed expense account spends one Christmas exchanging gun fire in a crowded department store, and another breaking up a con-man's plans to make off with an entire community's savings just before Christmas. Then there is the matter of the talented but over-insured mouse who disappears over the holidays. 

There is more fun than we can completely list in our Detective Christmas Collection. What could be better to listen to while you're guarding your Christmas Cookies?