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April 30, 1908: Its Eve Arden's Birthday!

Today is  Eve Arden 's birthday (April 30, 1908)!  Famous for her comic radio role as "Miss Brooks", Eve Arden also appeared on episodes old time radio episodes with Danny Kaye , Command Performance , and Lux Radio Theater .  Celebrate by listening to an episode of Our Miss Brooks ! " Student Government Day "  from Our Miss Brooks

How did Game Shows Kill Rock and Roll Music?

The radio quiz show had long been a staple of radio. The appeal to listeners had many levels. There was the drama of competition, it was easy for listeners to identify with the contestants, and the colorful hosts were exceptionally entertaining. They were appealing to the advertising agencies and sponsors as well. Their popularity ensured great return on advertising dollars, they were relatively cheap to produce, and they offered remarkable opportunities for "Product Placement". They were the precursors to "Reality Television" programs. This attractiveness to advertisers eventually lead to scandal. When the upstart television industry becam the dominant advertising and entertainment medium, the Radio Quiz Program was a natural fit. The relationship between shows and sponsors and shows is fundamentally different today; the broadcaster sells time during a program that the advertisers fill with their commercials, it is the role to the producer to make a high rated

Top 5 Ways to Hear Old Time Radio in the Car

What could be better than driving along on a fine spring afternoon enjoying a country road and listening to music on the radio? Unfortunately most of us have to drive the city freeways to work, and even satellite radio has the same problem as cable TV- more stations than we can count but nothing worth listening too! Fortunately there are thousands of MP3 CDs from available. You have probably enjoyed them over your computer speakers, but how can you enjoy them in the car? MANY NEW CARS ALREADY HAVE A MP3 CD PLAYER STEREO Check your car manual as many new car stereos (typically 2009+) are already "MP3 enabled" which should play the MP3 CDs . CAR STEREO AUXILLARY INPUT Many old time radio listeners’ car stereos have "axillary" input in their car stereo and can connect with a dual-minijack cable from an external MP3 player (such as an MP3 CD player, iPod or Smart Phone ) to play the radio shows through the car stereo. AM/FM TRANSMITTER Other old

Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney Radio Show

The Bing Crosby-Rosemary Clooney Show  is a treat for audiences, but was also a good deal of fun for its stars. In 1960 CBS Radio made a bid to attract some daytime listeners, and proposed the project to Bing . Rosemary Clooney had found success in the high-pressure world of the early 1950s recording industry, and became a household name with the 1954 release of  White Christmas  in which she starred with Crosby. By this time Bing was successful enough that he didn't need the work, and would only do the show if it could be prerecorded on magnetic tape (Crosby was an investor in Ampex, the first successful American tape recorder.) The shows were rather simple; they featured music, was usually from earlier recordings that Clooney and Crosby had made, although they did record some duets for the show. Because the recording equipment was somewhat portable, the spoken parts of the show could be recorded whenever and where ever is was convenient for the stars to get together. Often thi

March of Dimes Radio Broadcasts

Gregory Peck & March of Dimes The March of Dimes was also known by its original formal name, The National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis. Infantile Paralysis is better known by the name polio, and even that has become largely unrecognized, thanks to the efforts of the March Of Dimes. The virus that causes polio was identified in 1908, and by 1910, the number of identified cases of the disease began to reach epidemic proportions. The "Great Race" was on to find a vaccine for the disease, but progress was slow. In 1921, future President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt , was diagnosed with the disease. After he became President, Roosevelt founded the National Foundation. The term, March of Dimes, referred to the organization’s early annual fund raising effort. The name was actually coined by Eddie Cantor , who was spoofing the popular March of Dimes newsreels. Enjoying the support of a popular President, and doing such important work, The  March of Dimes