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Mel Blanc and Paul Frees, Two thousand Voices

Technically, all of the players we hear on radio are voice actors. Except for the more frequent use of computer generated "synthetic speech", when ever we hear a voice without seeing and actor, the role has been filled by a voice actor. This will apply to radio players, animation, video games, amusement park rides, even the voice warning us to "mind the gap" as we step onto the subway. Professional voice actors are justifiably proud of their craft. This is especially true in traditional animation features, where the voice of the character was simply part of the character, and the voice actor's role remains in the background. A small degree of resentment against the current trend of bringing in A-list actors to voice the starring characters in major releases, is understandable. Certainly the added celebrity of using A-List players in Pixar and Dreamworks animated features can help to sell a feature film. One of the few voice actors to achieve celeb

The Birth of FM Radio Transmissions

The initial radio frequency modulation (FM) system was developed by Major Edwin H. Armstrong. A veteran  of the World War I, U.S. Signal Corps, Armstrong received 5 patents for his system on December 26, 1933. Shortly thereafter, he began to experiment with different megahertz (MHz) frequencies and wattage. In 1935, Armstrong sent an experimental broadcast through a transmitter located on New York’s Empire State Building and in 1938; he began broadcasting from his own station W2XMN. The station eventually broadcast several hours of Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) programs several hours a day. Broadcasting continued until his death in 1954.  January 4, 1940 is usually accepted as the date of the first network broadcast. On this date, a one-hour broadcast was transmitted from station W2XCR Yonkers, New York to W2XMN in Alpine, NJ. The broadcast was then received by the Meriden, CT station W1XPW and W1XOJ in Paxton, MA, before it finally terminated with the Yankee Network Weather S