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"Time Out" Old Time Radio Broadcast

In the old time radio broadcast of Time Out's "Looking For Keys" (broadcast from 12-24-1945): Felix Knight sings the sadness away and the Novatones carry out their mission for instrumental tidings; Allen Prescott does his wit and wisdom on looking for your keys. we all have placed them somewhere, we would soon forget. Well Mr Prescott makes sure we all know ourselves what was to come. man I would have hated to be the brunt of his routine...he could get mean. But you always knew where you stood with Allen.

Bodies Piling up: Just an Ordinary Day for Mr. and Mrs. North Radio Show

The Norths lived a normal life in Greenwich Village. Everyday, Mr. North went to work as a book publisher, while Mrs. North stayed home and enjoyed her cats. However, when the bodies started appearing in close proximity to the couple, Mrs. North was determined to uncover the truth and catch the killer. Even if this meant she had to drag Mr. North into the web of intrigue. Mr. and Mrs. North  first appeared in print during the 1930’s. Created and written by Richard Lockridge, the couple first debuted in the  New York Sun . Later Lockridge revived the couple in a series of short stories that ran in  The New Yorker . Originally, the Norths were just ordinary people dealing with the difficulties of domestic life, until Lockridge joined forces with his wife, Frances. Together, the couple redefined the Norths and transformed them into amateur sleuths. The novel,  The Norths Meet Murder   published in 1940 was an overnight success. The success of the novel led to a weekly  old time