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The Hardy Boys in Old Time Radio

Solving mysteries was a great way to get noticed during the Golden Age of Radio , and of all the various Radio Sleuths , few were as readily taken to heart as the Teenaged Boy Detective. A classic example is The Hardy Boys , Frank and Joe. The darlings of Bayport are classic American young men, coming from steady, middle-class stock (their father, Fenton Hardy, was a detective in town), had loyal friends and girlfriends, and did okay (but not exceptionally well) at Bayport High. The Boys began solving mysteries in 1927, just as Commercial Radio was taking off. However, as big as Radio and The Hardy Boys became separately, the Boys from Bayport never made it to the Airwaves. As of 2005, there have been nearly 200 Hardy Boys novels, dozens of spinoff editions and crossovers, comic books, and six different TV adaptations, but nothing on the Radio. This can be a bit surprising when we consider Radio's insatiable appetite for content. The formulaic manner in which the first Hardy Boys