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It's Time To Smile with rare guest appearance Sidney Toler

Enjoy this 1941 broadcast of It's Time to Smile with a rare appearance by Sidney Toler (best known for his role as Charlie Chan ) If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element

For the Young and the Young at Heart: Big Jon and Sparkie

There is plenty in OTR to keep "serious" listeners busy. By serious, we mean grown ups! The simple fact is that sponsors wanted to put their message (and their money) where it would be heard by the people who had cash to spend. Through the years, this made for some interesting programming decisions. The radio noir and hard boiled detective shows of the post-War era were meant to appeal to the adventurous vets coming back to a humdrum home life. The radio soaps were designed to tug at the heartstrings of the stay-at-home housewife who did most of the shopping for the household. Comedy variety programs were for the whole family. Programming for kids was often an after thought, sustained programs without sponsors, since kids don't buy anything because they don't have any money. However, cereal makers realized that even though the kids were not the ones buying breakfast cereal, they did have a big influence on what Mom picked off the store shelves. Kids may or